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The plan was to 1) create a simple personal TODO application that can CRUD from multiple devices and 2) allow offline CRUD at Android and sync with the main database when the device connects to the internet.  

The idea comes from the popular application "Wunderlist"

For the first part of the project (which is the easier part) I implemented two CRUDs in Laravel and Android.

Laravel: Similar to Wunderlist, the application can be accessed from a web browser. This part was developed using Laravel. I started using the framework a week ago and I cannot believe how much I like it already. I never had an appetite for PHP before I came across Laravel. 

Directory structure:

-public --images ---a.png ---b.png ---c.png ---d.png --css ---bootstrap.css ---todo.css -app--layouts---todo.blade.php --controllers ---TodoController.php --models ---Todo.php --views ---todos ----create.blade.php ----edit.blade.php ----delete.blade.php

TodoController.php<?phpclassTodoControllerextends \BaseCon…