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More experimentation with symmetries. I have recently been in love with this type of editing. Simple, but brings out the best in any boring photos.


Just experimenting with symmetries to search for hidden dimension (:P).


The application implements Joda Time API to convert date and time from one time zone to another. Since I use Dubuque, Kathmandu and London times routinely, I also saw the need to create a separate Activity.

Current Time Code: For London for example,

1london.setText("\nLondon:\n"+ joda("Europe/London"));
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9/** * @param destTime: Time Zone identifier as defined by Joda API * @return Joda time String in selected format */public String joda(String destTime){ DateTime current =new DateTime(); current = current.withZone(DateTimeZone.forID(destTime));return(DateTimeFormat.forPattern("HH:mm:ss\ndd MMM yyyy ZZ").print(current));}
Time Conversion Code:
1 2 3 4DateTimeZone zone = DateTimeZone.forID(sourceTime); DateTime dt =new DateTime(year, month, day, hour, minute,0, zone); dt = dt.withZone(DateTimeZone.forID(destTime)); result.setText(DateTimeFormat.forPattern("HH:mm:ss\ndd/MM/yyyy\nZZ").print(dt));


If someone approached me a couple of months ago and claimed that I would soon be relishing the new dimension of vocabulary enhancement, I would have undoubtedly replied that there was a zero probability of it happening. I could not be more incorrect.
Perhaps, the thought of mugging up some five thousand words sounded very tedious. But, once I set the ball rolling, I realized that the words have certain salient patterns to them. That meant, I need not learn their definitions, but instead, scrupulously explore for those patterns.

The purpose behind writing this app was to study the etymology of words.

The source:

I also decided to add a TextView that reports the request status from AsyncTask's onProgressUpdate method.

The pith of the program:

1 2 3 4 5doc = Jsoup.connect(""+ request +"&searchmode=term").get(); Elements info ="div#dictionary"); …