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Lately I have been planning on preparing for the GRE test. This app is a direct result of procrastination. This is a simple dictionary app that sends http request to Aonaware, reads WordNet's html return and parses it using JSoup. It was also a good time to  experiment with Splash screen.

Variable declaration:

EditText editText = (EditText) findViewById(;
request = editText.getText().toString();

Data extraction:

doc = Jsoup.connect("" + request).get();
Elements info ="span#lblDefinition");
String html = info.toString();
doc = Jsoup.parse(html);
result = doc.body().text();


// ................ //
finalresult = finalresult.trim().replaceAll("adj 1:", "\n\nAdjective\n* ");
finalresult = finalresult.trim().replaceAll("v 1:", "\n\nVerb\n* ");
finalresult = finalresult.trim().replaceAll("adv 1:", "\n\nAdverb\n* ");
finalresult = finalresult.trim().replaceAll("n :", "\n\nNoun\n* ");
finalresult = finalresult.trim().replaceAll("adj :", "\n\nAdjective\n* ");
// ................ //

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